• russian su-34
    A Russian SU-34 fighter jet has been seen flying over rebel held territories in Syria. The reappearance of the front-line fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces has caused panic among the varied terrorist groups operating in Syria. A video published online shows [...]
  • alien messages
    Alien species from other planets beyond our solar system may be trying to contact us. Some UFO researchers and astronomers believe that alien messages were deciphered from signals coming from a sun-like star 95 light years away from earth. Russia and NASA were the [...]
  • China Warns Against US Deployment Of THAAD In South Korea
    Bejing has warned the US against deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea. Washington released a statement this week saying that it would be deploying the system “as soon as possible.” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang [...]
  • nuclear strike
    The tension between Russia and US is ratcheting up as the two countries are determined to exercise their right to defend themselves against a sudden nuclear strike by the other. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed “serious concern” over hawkish [...]
  • Pakistan Warns UN Of 'Crisis' Due To Escalating Tensions with India
    Pakistan says it has flagged the escalating tensions with India to the United Nations Security Council in an attempt to avert a potential “crisis.” Pakistan’s U.N. envoy asked the president of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday to informally [...]
  • video
    Louisiana police have released body camera footage from 2015 showing two officers opening fire on an S.U.V. striking and killing a 6-year-old boy and critically wounding his father who was unarmed. Footage of a Louisiana police chase that ended with the fatal shooting [...]
  • Syria Slams US-led Coalition Over Destruction Of Two Bridges
    The Syrian government has slammed the U.S.-led coalition for destroying two bridges over the Euphrates river this week while purportedly fighting ISIS . Syria’s ambassador to the U.N. said the bridges had been used by hundreds of thousands of civilians. In [...]
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Microsoft products from Russia and placed Bill Gates on a Federal Security Service watchlist.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Microsoft products from Russia and placed Bill Gates on a Federal Security Service watchlist. Citing “concerns over security and reliability,” Putin has ordered the removal of Microsoft software to begin [...]
  • As Deutsche Bank shares continue to plummet economists are asking if this crash the big one?
    As the world collectively soils its breeches over the Deutsche Bank crash, it is worth keeping the big picture in mind – the global economy is a rigged game, and crashes are orchestrated to ensure wealth is always trickling up from the middle classes to the [...]
  • Putin rejects US calls to stop bombing ISIS militants
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue bombing ISIS strongholds in Syria, despite US demands that he stop.  Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed on Thursday that the Russian air force would continue its support of the Syrian armed forces in [...]
  • Former Donald Trump employee claims the Republican nominee routinely fires 'ugly women'
    A former Donald Trump employee claims that the Republican presidential nominee insisted on only hiring “pretty women” and fired anybody he deemed to be ugly.  According to Hayley Strozier, who was director of catering at the Trump National Golf Club in [...]
  • robots
    Truck drivers could lose their jobs to robots over the next decade. Over a million truck drivers could soon be out of work as self driving vehicles start taking over the roads The rise of automation and the impact AI software and robots will have on the global [...]
  • palestinians
    Palestinians are now losing their freedom and place in cyberspace as well as in the space that was once their homeland. The world’s largest social media network has been deleting Palestinian accounts and posts at the behest of Israel for alleged [...]