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  • Taiwan
    Taiwan initiated defense preparation exercises in response to provocation by China, vowing to “enhance training 365 days a year.” On Wednesday, China sent its sole aircraft carrier into the Strait of Taiwan, raising the tension between Beijing and the [...]
  • vaping
    Smoking is dangerous for your health, even if you start vaping with e-cigarettes. Cheap imports, dodgy batteries and mismanaged fine-tuning of the potential pipe-bombs may be hazardous to your health A man from Idaho, smoking an e-cigarette, lost seven of his teeth and [...]
  • Palestinian Embassy Opens In Vatican City
    Pope Francis met with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday for the opening of a Palestinian embassy in Vatican City. The inauguration of the embassy came just one day before representatives from 70 countries gathered in the French capital for an [...]
  • Leading German Journalist: CIA Media Pushing for World War
    Dr Udo Ulfkotte, the  journalist and author, who spoke out about mainstream and fake news, reportedly died from a heart attack on January 13th at the age of 56. The former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of largest newspapers in Germany, had admitted [...]
  • Vladimir Putin warns that CIA plan violent coup to oust Trump
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a strongly worded “urgent” warning to Donald Trump, telling the President-elect that the CIA plan to orchestrate a violent coup against him.  Putin says he sees the U.S. spy agencies using [...]
  • Democrats offer $2500 for citizens to riot at the upcoming Trump inauguration on Jan. 20
    Democrats are offering citizens $2,500 to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and cause as much disruption as possible by violently rioting. In a series of ads by grassroots organization “Demand Protest” – protestors are being offered [...]
  • DisruptJ20 group plan Trump inauguration 'day of terror' on Jan. 20
    A group of left-wing organizations have outlined their plan for a ‘day of terror’ which aims to cause “maximum damage” at Trump’s inauguration.  Over 75 groups are to descend onto the Capitol, with plans to violently attack police, [...]
  • BBC Panorama show calls Trump a 'Kremlin spy'
    The BBC has come under fire after an “extremely biased” anti-Trump documentary aired on Monday night accusing the President-elect of being a Russian spy. The BBC’s flagship investigative documentary programme Panorama aired a 30-minute show entitled, [...]
  • Anti-Assad Group Urge Israel To Intervene In Syria
    A Syrian opposition group have called for Israeli intervention in Syria to help overthrow President Bashar al-Assad The group comprised of certain foreign-based oppositionists have openly pleaded with Israel to directly confront Assad Press TV reports: The so-called [...]
  • Russia Angry As US Troops Arrive In Norway
    Three hundred U.S. Marines arrived in Norway on Monday for a six-month deployment angering their Arctic neighbour Russia. This is the first time since World War Two that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed there. Before Norway joined NATO in 1949, it [...]
  • Istanbul
    The man suspected of carrying out the New Year’s Eve terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Reina nightclub has been arrested at his home in the Turkish capital. The attack killed 39 people and wounded 69 others, for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Abdulkadir Masharipov [...]
  • Bernie Sanders says he supports Donald Trump
    Former Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has come out in support of Donald Trump, publicly praising Trump’s achievement in defeating the establishment.  Senator Sanders spoke at a CNN town hall on Monday night, praising Trump for winning the presidency after [...]
  • Trump vows to take on Big Pharma and end their murdering of US citizens
    President-elect Donald Trump has accused Big Pharma companies of murdering US citizens and “getting away with it” for decades.  In a bold move, Donald Trump promised on Wednesday to curb pharmaceutical companies’ ability to overcharge for medicines [...]

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